I've played World of Warcraft on and off since it launched in 2004, but tt's been more 'off' since about two weeks after Wrath of the Lich King's release in November of 2008. The recent release of Cataclysm has me thinking, though. I'm strongly considering resubscribing to Blizzard's stupidly-addictive MMO. But... I'm scared...

I love video games, if you can't already tell by my occupation. I like to play a ton of them. If a game has a multiplayer component, I’ll usually only dabble with it after completing the single-player campaign. I can hold my own in Call of Duty, but something about the repetition gets to me. Focusing on  single-player allows me to absorb as many unique experiences as possible. However, sometimes, my fond memories exploring the vastness of WoW and leveling my orc warrior creep back into my mind, usually when playing a single-player RPG that emulates MMO characteristics.

Vanilla WoW’s initial impact on me was huge. I remember scarfing down Thanksgiving dinner and rushing home to explore Silverpine Sepulcher as my first undead. I loved how deep you could dive into the nitty gritty of mining and blacksmithing, not to mention the rush of excitement when reach the top of a mountain and discover a brand new territory. I miss that. With the noob-friendly Cataclysm altering the Azeroth I came to know and love, I find myself enticed by the thought of revisiting nostalgic areas that have been changed. Deserts have transformed into lush gardens, and Deathwing’s flames have razed once thriving communities. I want in on that so bad, and to eventually slay that mother ******. I’ve always loved the lore of Warcraft, from Warcraft II to the novels, and don’t want to miss out on some of the best solo questing to date.

I spent the other night carefully examining the copy of Cataclysm I picked up. My computer is out of commission right now, so jumping through that portal isn’t going to happen immediately. However, I have beefy back log of games that reaches back to Super Metroid, and I’m anticipating a lot of guilt over putting them off further. I love using my holiday break to catch up on old titles I missed, but sinking some good time into WoW with some friends sounds like a lot of fun, especially since coworkers Joe and Miller plan on taking my more casual approach. I definitely want to have company if I’m going to start this up again.

Anyway, that’s about it. I’m excited by the prospect of starting up a new character, but I’m nervous about falling behind on everything else. Perhaps I’ll find the perfect balance. Perhaps this time my quest mates won’t all leave me in the dust while I take a break to play BioShock Infinite or Metal Gear Rising. I just want to have it all. Is that asking too much?