October 4th,

Woke up today with a bad cough. My fever is getting a lot worse. It’s already hit 102. I supposed met up with Meagan and some of the others today to get supplies. I wasn’t sure I was feeling up for it. I went anyway, even at the risk of getting the others sick with whatever the hell it is I have..

I cleared the cabinets of all the cold medication I could find. Anything to curb these symptoms. The drive to Meagan’s is like a fevered dream at this point, I don’t even remember it. We went to the Goodwill. The stench of desperation and mold was thick in the air as we hunted for supplies. I found a pair of brown pants. The button was missing and the seam on the crotch was in rough shape. I waited 10 minutes for a price check. $4.99. I hope it was worth it.

Next step was Target. Spent $15 on a blue sweatshirt. Size Large. It wasn’t the exact color blue I wanted. Whatever.

After that we went to the home depot. Something about foam insulation and duct tape. I just followed along and tried to avoid everyone holding up giant pvc piping to their crotches. I had everything I need, and my brain was starting to feel like mush.

After that all I remember is something about take and bake pizza, Mega Man 9 and cold beer. These are things I would have deeply enjoyed if had been feeling better. Meagan’s cat gave me a lot of attention. I think it could smell the small patch of necrotic flesh I found on my armpit this morning. I’m going to sleep like the dead tonight.

October 10th,

I woke up today with a massive headache amidst a sea of crumpled kleenix and cough drop wrappers. I still had to prepare myself for the meeting. Something about pub crawling downtown. It feels like I’ve spent the entire last week in a coma in my bed. I’m not up for this, but I must persevere.

There’s snow on the ground, I go outside to put dirt on my clothes. The weather penetrates my will, challenges it. I grab some zombie movies and beer and pit it in my car. Driving. Go to Annette’s house and start to change. Face starts to turn weird color. Blue, black, my eyes have red round them.

Walk to the park and its cold. People shout at us and take pictures. The bright lights and loud voices make me upset. Bite down on something in my mouth. Tastes bad. Attack an old man, biker, college girl, and office worker. They get away. Spend rest of the day following them.

Mac n Cheese. Turkey Legs. Still hungry.
Still thirstyy

Getting so cold. The hoodie does nothing. Lost in the streets. Everything smells like dinner time. Attack office man in alley. Stupid girl stops me. hole rips in crotch of bad pants. cold.

Octber 11

Fever gone but itchy.
Hungry and eat doggie food.
itchy itchy Scott came.
Ugly face so killed him.

 itchy. Tasty.