My baby girl Evalei is just now developing an imagination and an opinion of preferred toys and activities. As of this writing, she's a big fan of tea sets and Star Wars creatures. She has no interest in stuffed dolls unless they are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or tigers. She finds Elmo funny, yet tells me to turn off Sesame Street whenever Telly shows up.

Catering to her interests is fun, fascinating, and above all else, terrifying. I won't let her play with plastic weapons or anything dangerous at this point, but Kelly and I are finding she's often drawn to brands and toys designed for older children. Thankfully, we've been able to find toys that are safe for her to play with – such as the stuffed TMNT characters and a giant plastic tauntaun, but the options we are faced with are limited.

Just this morning I was looking online for toys to show her, and I stumbled upon something that made me freeze up and stare at my screen in disbelief. It's Mattel's Baby Skeletor, a 12" doll inspired by a Robot Chicken skit. If I had to point out one toy that is the most likely to animate in the dead of night and murder everyone it comes in contact with, this toy would be it. Chucky has nothing on baby Skeletor. Mattel is kicking off sales of this frightening collectible on June 12. Head to this page to grab one, if you dare. No price is listed yet.

This particular item is obviously a joke of sorts for fans of Robot Chicken, but it definitely opened my eyes to the possibility of popular brands entering the doll space. I don't know if it would be weird or awesome to see dolls inspired by Marvel, DC, and Star Wars characters, but I will say this, baby Evalei loves her DC Comics Little People.