Lego versions of Minecraft, Back to the Future, and Ghostbusters all happened thanks to Lego's brilliant Cuusoo (Lego Ideas) program. If you are unfamiliar with Cuusoo, it gives Lego fans a chance to design their own sets, which are then voted upon by the community. The sets with the highest tallies (10,000 or more votes) enter a review period at Lego. One of those sets is turned into a retail product.

One of the newest fan-created sets that is gaining traction is based on the motion picture Jaws. The set, dubbed Orca's Last Stand, depicts Martin Brody, Matt Hooper, and Sam Quint on the Orca hunting the great white. The set would be light on pieces and relatively cheap, but it's biggest hurdle will likely be whether or not Lego wants to make a set based on a violent film. I hope they do. It looks awesome!

You can check out more images at TJSpencer1's Cuusoo page. And if you are a member, give his set a vote!