Stargate is one of my all-time favorite TV franchises. I was shocked when Syfy Network pulled the plug on Universe. The show was just hitting its stride. The first season was a fantastic introduction to a bold, new take on the Stargate lore, and the second season gave us a small taste of what looked to be an intense, dark future for everyone aboard starship Destiny. Alas, most people didn't get to see this story develop, as Syfy cited poor viewership numbers as the reason for its cancellation.

One fan thinks Stargate Universe deserves another shot. A day after April Fools' Day, Stargate fan Jonathan Annett launched a Kickstarter to fund a third season of the show. "Rather than attempt to contact the rights holders and suggest they run a campaign, I decided to take it to the fans," Annett writes in his Kickstarter pitch. "We get the money together, we take a big fat cheque to those concerned, and we let that money talk."

How much money? He's looking for $50 million. With that money he thinks he can get the entire cast and crew back for 20 episodes. Most of them have gone on to have different careers. Getting Robert Carlyle back would be no small feat.

As of today, it doesn't look like Annett's dream is going to come true. The 62 backers he's convinced have only pledged $6,000. We'll find out its fate in 47 days, when the Kickstarter officially ends.