I purchased my first 3DS (I now have two 3DS XLs) on launch day. In that first week, my coworkers and I played the living hell out of this handheld. We made sure we had them at work so we could connect via StreetPass to collect all of the puzzle pieces and finish off Find Mii’s dungeon.

In the weeks and months that followed, new puzzles and a second Find Mii dungeon were introduced. By then, the buzz surrounding the 3DS was gone. Sure, each of us played most of the noteworthy games, but people weren’t spending time buying puzzle pieces, and no one was asking me to change my Mii’s shirt color, an asinine requirement to beat some of Find Mii’s enemies.

It remained this way until Animal Crossing: New Leaf released. For whatever reason, excitement in StreetPass caught a second wind. People entered my office asking me to “change my shirt to navy blue,” and to make sure I spend my 10 coins on new puzzle pieces because we “have tons of them to collect.”

The StreetPass phenomenon is still going strong today, and Nintendo made it all the more enticing with the release of four new StreetPass games. Correction: We’re playing three of these titles. Flower Town is an absolute bore. Watering plants? Collecting seeds? No thanks.

Mii Force is the experience we’re digging the most. This side-scrolling shooter packs a nice little punch with its multi-direction targeting system and creative stage designs.

And yes, most of our Miis are wearing silly new hats. I’m currently rocking a horrible-looking Epona hat. Odds are I won’t switch it out until I find something that looks even worse.

Long story short, now’s a good time to revisit Nintendo’s StreetPass Plaza.