I'm a big fan of Guillermo del Toro's work. From Hellboy to Pan's Labyrinth, the man knows how to sell a vision and adapt well-known properties to the big screen. His latest film, Pacific Rim, opens this week, and is easily my most anticipated film of the year. Giant robots battling Godzilla-like monstrosities, starring the leading actors from Sons of Anarchy...what's not to love?

Now the bad news: Sideshow Collectibles just announced a statue based on one of the film's creatures called The Knifehead. This lumbering beast is emerging from the ocean, and of course, he's destroying a fishing boat in the process. What's so bad about this, you ask? The $379.99 price tag.

My desk is in dire need of a new statue. I'm still rocking the Skyrim dragon that came in the collector's edition box, and need a new ugly face to greet guests and coworkers. Sideshow does offer a monthly financing option of $68.40, but I fear that will get me in trouble, as checkbook balancing isn't exactly a skill of mine.

The statue doesn't ship until April 2014, but as collectors know, preorders sell out fast. I'm going to hold off on my purchase until I see the film this weekend. Crossing my fingers that it doesn't sell out before Saturday morning.