Due to the shaky stability of Defiance’s Xbox 360 servers during my gaming hours, I haven’t been able invest as much time as I’ve wanted to into this massively multiplayer shooting experience. Kelly, my lovely wife, has graciously given me a nice window to play Defiance this weekend.

I don’t want to go after the Arkfalls alone, people. Join me in my fight against the evil hellbugs, mutants, robots, and weird beasts that are infesting our cities! I’ll be online on both Saturday and Sunday, starting at 5 PM CT and lasting as long as I can keep my eyes open.

My gamertag is Reinak. My in-game character name is Rinley. I’m two missions into Chapter 2, and currently sit with an EGO rating of 228. I’d recommend reaching these milestones before you join me. I should also point out that Mike Futter, Game Informer’s news editor, is joining me. His gamertag is PaladinXII.