Yesterday I asked my Twitter followers to list off their favorite mobile games of the year. Super Hexagon, and Rayman Jungle Run were mentioned the most. A few people also listed a game called Fart Cat as a defining release of 2012. The name of the game obviously intrigued me. I downloaded it immediately.

It turns out Fart Cat lives up to its namesake. Developed by Summer Camp Studios, the goal of this quirky title is to feed a cat enough of a specific type of food to make him fart. His incredible flatulence scares off his affectionate owner who is trying to pet him. That's the entire game: Avoid love by farting.

As new levels are unlocked, Fart Cat's appetite grows and the owner's arm moves faster. The build up to letting one rip becomes rather intense, but the novelty of this action wears off after a few levels. Regardless of Fart Cat's longevity, I'm glad I played it.

Should you not get the chance to do so yourself, Summer Camp Studios put together a great trailer that shows off everything you need to see.