For years, Sideshow Collectibles has created Star Wars statues based on popular characters and stories in that universe. Now, LucasFilm is inviting this group of sculptors and artists to create their own fiction or interpretations of these characters and stories through the new Star Wars Mythos line of statues.

Sideshow's creative director Tom Gilliland adds "This line of collectibles will be populated by characters from new and existing story lines. We will bring history, unique details and personal choices to each in order to elaborate on who they are.Through the design and sculpt process our goal is to delve deeper into these established characters and offer our own interpretations of what they have done outside of the Star Wars canon.

Our art team is taking the themes and core concepts common to the Star Wars mythology, such as love, honor, hope, despair and adventure, and accentuating those themes to achieve a collection of figures unlike any we’ve previously offered. Our vision is to portray moments in the imagined lifetimes of these characters and reveal them in a new way, in a new light. We hope to capture the imagination of Star Wars fans all over the world, and share with them our own adventures in that galaxy far, far away.”

As you can see, the first line of statues consists of Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and Lom Romrokk. You can read the short stories Sideshow has created for these characters and view their concept art on the Mythos hub.