I don't see many movies a year. Although my memory is fuzzy, I probably have only watched four or five this year – that includes both theatrical jaunts and home viewing. Don't get me wrong, I love movies, but I've found I'm more engaged by longer narratives like those found in games and television series. The compact two to three-hour experience just doesn't grasp me to the degree it used to. Hollywood is doing nothing wrong; I just like having longer stories and deeper character/plot development.

The movies I see fall mostly into the comic or science fiction genres. This year, I went to the theater on day one to see Iron Man 2, and positive word of mouth landed me in a seat for Inception. I loved both of them. Over the last three or four years, I've probably only watched one or two Academy Award nominated films.

These days, a trailer really has to floor me to get me into the seats. Either that, or it has to have a super hero or alien in it. With these rules in mind, the next film I plan on seeing is Endhiran – The Robot, the most expensive Indian film ever made. No words can describe how awesome it looks. Enjoy.