Before I give any commentary on what Ferarri World is, click the video and experience it for yourself.


This isn't a joke. Ferarri World is real, and it's going to open to the public on October 28. The website also lists that the Abu Dhabi location is the "first Ferarri theme park." They're planning on making more?

In all truthfulness, I wouldn't mind jumping on the world's fastest roller coaster, clocking in a 240km/h with an acceleration speed of 100 km/h in two seconds. Unless I can play the role of Godzilla, I have no interest in visiting a miniature version of Italy. And the 12 cylinders of wonder boat ride? What the hell is that?

I could see Six Flags bringing in a Ferarri ride, but an entire theme park based on just one car brand is overkill. What's next? Quaker Oats Land? Walmart City? For more details on Ferarri World check out their website right here.