I'm a huge fan of Entertainment Weekly, and I've also read every issue of Green Lantern dating back to 1979. The "kick ass" that came out of my mouth when I saw EW's upcoming cover probably shook the foundation of Game Informer's office. I can't wait to see the Green Lantern movie!

I also don't mind Ryan Reynolds. Sure, he's been in a number of crappy movies, but his acting (not the dialogue) has always been respectable. I have faith in him. The costume is also pretty slick. The logo is spot on, and I love the mask and white eyes. I'll have to see the suit in action to see if line pattern works or not, but I do like the idea of energy running through it.

This issue also has something called "The New Buffy" in it. What could that be? Another Buffy TV series? A movie? I can't wait to find out.