The end of Assassin's Creed II turned my brain into a conspiracy theory generator. A month has passed since I finished this amazing game, and I still find myself daydreaming about the next installment. What is the apple? Who are Adam and Eve? Was there really a silhouetted figure in the window? Where will the next game take place?

These are just a few of the questions I obsess over. On that note, Ubisoft doesn't get enough credit for the seed it planted. These questions are going to stay in my mind until the next game ships. More games need this allure. The ending of Assassin's Creed II has already generated more conversations with my friends than any game I have played before.

One of the most insightful conversations I've had is with you, the Game Informer readers. My blog post, The Truth, generated an amazing comments thread, where readers presented their own theories and riffed off of other readers' takes. The article I am posting today dissects these comments and organizes all of the theories presented into categories. Feel free to add your two cents to this comments section, and I'll do my best to channel your take into the categories. Once Assassin's Creed III emerges from development, I'll revisit this story to see if any of us nailed the truth.

Pieces Of Eden
I think the shadowy figure is the same individual shown holding another piece of Eden.  I think that because it shows all these humans doing manual labor and this individual just chilling.  The first AC showed us the piece of Eden does have the power to hold sway over humans minds.– Master Asazi

Eve took the apple from Eden (just a small Piece of Eden, at least). – Eric Frederiksen

If you remember from the pieces of The Truth, there are several different kinds of Pieces of Eden. One form is the Apple, and it does appear that there are at least two of this particular form which get regular passed off from time to time. But, there is also at least one Staff, one Sword, and one Shroud. The game hints that a sword wielded by several different people was a Piece of Eden, and also that the Shroud of Jesus was a Piece of Eden. Indeed, it also suggests that the Golden Fleece was a Piece of Eden, potentially the same as Jesus' Shroud. And this Shroud was the inspiration for the final armor set that Altair created. – Joseph Breen

Maybe the apple is the source of [Minerva's] power, and that is why Eve stole it?  So, in essence, the "Fall" was a good thing, and was actually freeing humanity from someone who created them into slavery. – Jason Spencer

The "Ones who came before" mentioned a first destruction.  What if that really happened in 2012, but since they were powerless to stop it, sent a piece of Eden (their civilization) back into the past to start again, creating a short of Mobius loop. – Raging Celtik

We so far know of two Assassins who have been immune to the power of the Pieces of Eden: Altair and Ezio.  But, we also know that the Pieces of Eden are specifically engineered to be able to affect human minds.  They are made so that they will work on humans.  Why would they not work on some people?  Well, if those people weren't fully human, the Pieces of Eden wouldn't work as well, would they?  Indeed, not only would they not work adversely, but such a person might even have the ability to wield them to an extent, so long as some part of them was related to the creators of the Pieces of Eden. Makes sense, doesn't it? However, because not all Assassins are Assassins by blood, this immunity wouldn't extend to all Assassins. – Joseph Breen

The pieces of Eden act as a beacon for rescue of one predetermined "Adam" & "Eve" to be rescued from Earth, and brought back to repopulate it. – Adam Smith

Did anyone else notice that Eve didn't seem to have the apple until they got to the roof? Then all of a sudden it appears in her hand and she says "I have it" like it switches from person to person and she is now in possession of it. Almost like it's not a good thing to have it. – cfolsom

She has the apple on her in a pouch. It doesn't teleport into people's hands. However the last sentence of ctfolosom's comment is reinforced by a few people in the AC games - Altair is rather explicit about this in certain Codex entries. So I can support that part. – Corey May, Assassin's Creed writer

Maybe [Adam and Eve] used the apple to go back in time to start the human race...a Terminator-esque twist of time travel? – Jason Spencer