Sometimes my job really sucks. Go ahead and laugh if you must. Yes, I know that I have a dream job, and yes, I know that there are far worse occupations out there. But with that said, I dare any of you to play Rogue Warrior or Raven Squad for three consecutive days. I double dare you!

At about the five hour mark in Raven Squad I found myself thinking, "wouldn't it be great if someone accidentally EMP'd my neighbor?" Roughly two hours into Rogue Warrior I debated whether or not my fellow editors knew I was playing the game. If they didn't, I could hand the review off to someone else.

Neither happened, and I ended up having to play through both of these interactive atrocities. Below are the links to reviews for both games. Please don't read them. Look at the score, scan the article to the best of your ability, then get the hell out of Dodge. Just reading about these games makes you less of a gamer. If I worked at Microsoft or Sony, players who pop these games into their systems would receive Nega-Achievements and Loser-Trophies. Enjoy my pain, folks.

Rogue Warrior (Scan My Review HERE)

Raven Squad (Don't read THIS)