Last week, my wife Kelly decided to start a Dragon Age: Origins campaign of her own. She had previously been watching me play it, but decided my warrior was lame, and that a mage's journey would be more entertaining to follow. Now, I'm sure most of you out there think this is cool. There's a catch, though: She started this campaign on my account.

She is now hijacking the 360 whenever she can. She gets off of work before me, and well, sets up camp (complete with enough food and drink to keep her there until the morning). This, of course, is interfering with my longing to play through all of the great games that have just released. The big one is Modern Warfare 2.

After picking up my copy at last night's midnight launch, I came home to find her playing Dragon Age. She tried to force me out of the room by saying "Oh. You don't want to see this. Spoilers galore," but I countered by pointing toward the copy of Modern Warfare 2 in my hand and said "Seriously? I waited in line for this, and have been looking forward to it since we put it on the cover last year." We locked eyes for a second, and she sympathetically said "Fine. Let me just finish this battle and save."

That was launch night. She's at home playing it again right now, and I fear what will happen when I get home and try to play Modern Warfare. I am writing this as a potential S.O.S. Co-workers, if you do not hear from me by 11am tomorrow, send help. 

And for those asking, we do have two Xbox 360s in the house, and she does have her own Live account. If you give me enough support here (do not encourage her), I can shove it in her face, and hopefully regain my gaming identity.