Some people dedicate days of their lives to Halloween costume creation. I'm the kind of guy who purchases a costume in a bag. Sure, it may look like crap, but that's what I like about Halloween costumes – looking foolish. Listed below are a handful of truly awful pre-made video game costumes. All of these can be found at seasonal Halloween stores and online retailers.

Crappy Halo 3 Master Chief Armor
This cheaply made plastic costume comes in adult sizes! It runs for around $90, and will surely make you the talk of any party.

Akuma Costume
I don't know about walking around barefoot, but this may be my costume of choice for this year. It only costs $50.

Ken Costume
Any GI staffers want to roll with me? In addition to Akuma and Ken, Chun Li, and Ryu costumes are also available.

Kratos Mask
No party is complete without that guy who just wears a mask.

Mario Costume
I don't know about you, but I worry about what's going on in the nether region. An equally questionable Luigi costume is also available. Both retail for around $50.

Marcus Phoenix Mask
Yes, this is supposed to be the protagonist from Gears of War. To no one's surprise, this new mask is already on clearance at most Halloween shops. If you plan on wearing this, you will likely be asked to take it off within minutes of arriving at a party.