Four copies of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves showed up in the Game Informer offices last week. Roughly every hour, an editor enters my office to politely ask if they can take a copy home to play. Since I need these copies for a multiplayer session with Naughty Dog next week (which you'll see), I have to turn them down, and tell them to come back next week.

That's boss man Reiner breaking the bad news as lightly as he can. What would the evil Fable persona of Reiner do?

Let's explore that shall we. Our test subject will be Joe, the most easily crushable GI editor.

"Joe. Today is your lucky day. Would you like a copy of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?"

Man. Look how happy he is.

He's been talking about wanting to play Uncharted 2 all week, and this was when he was playing Dragon Age: Origins for review.

And now let's see what happens when we take it away.

Please note: As I pulled the game away, I performed the same Fable II middle finger action.

And here's the response. There's clearly a lot of anger there, but you can also see he's about to tear up.

Honestly, I was hoping he would react more like a Fable character, but there's also a chance Peter Molyneux never conducted live research like this. If he reads this blog, this could be a first look at a Fable 3 expression.