If anyone asks, I DID NOT steal this LEGO Star Wars book from Andy. I found it. In his office. On his desk. Next to his wallet. Correction: Empty wallet.

Some of you may be familiar with the other Star Wars visual dictionaries, and this book is no different. It provides background on characters and vehicles, and highlights the points of interest for everything pictured. All of the LEGO Star Wars sets between 1999 and now are featured, including the suplimental pieces like keychains, mini-sets and magnets. Unfortunately, the video games are glossed over. The biggest point of interest for me was the "Designing LEGO Star Wars" feature – a step-by-step set creation walkthrough. The book also dives into the most elaborate fan creations, such as a fully detailed Mos Eisley.

As you can see, the book comes with a new Luke figure, which I think looks more like Kurt Cobain than Mark Hamill. The sticker price is surprisingly cheap at $21.99. Since I recently stumbled upon $100 I didn't have minutes ago, I think I'll buy a few for my friends for Xmas. If you're into LEGOs, this is a fun read, and a great coffee table book.