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Impulse: Madden NFL Arcade

By all accounts, this year’s Madden NFL 10 the strongest entry in the franchise for years. For more casual fans, or those who aren’t ready to shell out $60 for another installment of the yearly series, EA Sports has created Madden NFL Arcade.

I had the chance to play through several games in this new, simplified arcade project, which is targeted to release sometime this December on Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. The five-on-five game emulates familiar backyard football rules, much like the old NFL Street franchise. Each team gets only four downs to run or pass their way to a touchdown along the 60 yard field – field goals don’t factor in. Fail to hit the endzone by that last down, and the ball turns over to the other team, and things start heading back down the field. You choose from simple pass and run plays, while special “game changers” introduce an element of fantasy – these special abilities let you freeze one of the opposing players in ice, slow down time, and other related silliness. The game also runs free of a timer in classic arcade style – the default settings have a first-to-30 points rule in place. 

While Madden NFL Arcade is certainly not aiming for realism, it does manage to squeeze in all 32 teams in the league, along with the appropriate stadiums. However, the biggest selling point may be its multiplayer options. The game is currently planned to include four player co-op on a single console, as well as the expected online head-to-head option, complete with leaderboards.

From my initial time with the game, its clear that the Madden gameplay formula has been whittled down to its barest bones, which could make the game an easy-to-access option for families and inexperienced players. However, more experienced players are almost certainly going to want to spring for the big retail game. But if $15 is a little more in line with your game day ambitions, Madden NFL Arcade looks like it is on track to deliver what you’re looking for when it releases in a few weeks.

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  • i don't realy like football i just read every editor blog.
  • Might pick it up. 60 bucks seems like a lot for the same game as last year.

  • I need to hear more about this. I was hoping it would play like a blitz game but it sounds more like a poor mans madden. If you want to get the best football game in town, it'll only cost you 99 cents. Go to your local Gamestop and pick up a used copy of ESPN NFL 2K5, you will never need another football game again.

  • Madden For Dummies.

    About time, I'm the biggest Madden dummy there is :-P

  • sweet, i will get this, it looks fun

  • Staff

    Ugh. The only good thing I saw from this game was watching Miller and Joe "talk football." The sheer confusion coming out of their mouths was hilarious!

  • Staff

    I think I'd rather play Blitz.

  • 15$?! #@%^* and I was disgruntled at the prospect of paying for throw back jerseys. Why don't they *^%#@ my mother while they're at it? Oh wait...

  • What about releasing Madden every other year, and just use DLC to update the roster.  So they don’t have to rush this crap out every year.

  • @Andre - better yet - release one game, Call it simply "Madden NFL", update the roster yearly, and patch in fixes for any broken gameplay. Charge for some premium DLC ( Stuff like stadium packs or something. )

  • im sorry but they need to come out with a new game like the arcade in disc form the 5on5 i like get some mini games like crush the carrier the catching one. some build your own team action. all nfl teams. wheater option. some sweet animations. create a character. i love madden games this years was awsome. but i like a verity off nfl games not just madden.

  • Yo dis Fresh Perm, aka KONFLIKT comin' at you Big Matt Dogg. But yo...son! Dem EA cats need to get on a Mutant League joint again. What dey waitin' on? For real?? They need to quit regurgalatin' a new form of an old you so noted with it's similarritees with dat NFL Street joint and start fresh with some retro-regurgalated joints like Mutant League Football. Ya herd? Holla back Big Matt Dogg!