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Impulse: Lucidity

I was instantly fascinated by the visual direction of this new LucasArts project, which arrives this coming week on Xbox Live Arcade. Like pages out of a children’s book, the art direction alone was enough to convince me to give the game a try. The storyline focuses on the girl Sofi, and a dreamlike trip through her imagination. While the whole affair has the look of a platformer, the game plays more like a puzzler than anything else – and a hard one at that. Sofi is always moving forward, adding a level of pressure and challenge that might be absent in other similar looking games. Frustration can set in easily through some extremely tricky little puzzles, denying the game’s visually childlike look and proving itself as something for the more hardcore crowd.

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  • Sweet.  Hadn't even heard of this one.  I dig the art style.  I'll have to download the trial.  Thanks for the heads up.

  • This looks interesting. Would it be weird if this was one of the only reasons I'd buy a 360? lol

  • Definitely looks pretty cool. And I am glad to know Impulse will be getting more play on the site.. its one of my favorite articles in GI and I thought it needed to be longer, but this is even better. I keep my Microsoft points filled up for this!

  • its nice to see that some games are not falling victim to the degraded difficulty curve of games today.  an honest challenge is most refreshing today.