It's been one week… well, almost. When I flew out to Minneapolis last Sunday, I had no idea what to expect. I've had good first days and one in particular that was every kind of job nightmare simultaneously. Looking back, I find it a little silly how nervous I was. The welcome could not have been warmer.

My new co-workers are not only consummate professionals, but fantastic people. It didn't take long to feel accepted and appreciated in an environment that can be a little intimidating. When I walked into the Game Informer offices for the first time, I was greeted by framed covers from years gone tastefully decorating the walls. I got a good look at the fabled game vault (which is, in fact, behind an electronic lock), and memorabilia that would make even the most casual fan drool. Juxtaposed with the larger-than-life setting are the grounded individuals that populate it.  You could not meet nicer people than the Game Informer team.

Just as important was the reception I received from the community. To a person, the Game Informer staff shared with me how much they appreciate the readers that visit the site, read our work, and share their own thoughts. My own experiences so far confirm every wonderful thing I heard from them. You guys and gals are fantastic, and I can't wait to build a deeper relationship with you. 

I'm glad to be back at home in New Jersey with my family, working from my home office (which sports a Transformers collection, but not one that rivals previews editor Matt Miller's), but it was definitely hard to leave my new friends in the home office. I can't wait to be back in Minneapolis (probably next month). Where else can you get a Waluigi?

Keep the questions coming; don't be shy. Feel free to hit me up here on my blog, on Twitter (@Futterish), or in the comment sections of our news stories.

Thanks again for making me feel so welcome.