Hey All!   

I have some news. Some life changing news, actually. This will be my last week at Game Informer. I am moving to San Francisco mid-May and will be taking up the role of Community Manager at Crystal Dynamics in Redwood City. While I’ll be representing the company as a whole, my primary focus will be on the upcoming Tomb Raider title.

As community manager I’ll be involved in many facets of social media and act as a liaison between the studio and various communities throughout the world. I’ll be a public face at the studio and will be attending events worldwide, giving demos, helping to execute short and long-term media strategies, and more.

My time at Game Informer has been nothing but fantastic, and I am extremely appreciative of the many memorable opportunities GI has afforded me.  Not to mention that the staff (and the community!) is great and I’ll miss all the ridiculous daily antics of the office.

The move is going to be tough, but Crystal has been fantastic in making the transition as easy as possible. I’ve already found a fantastic apartment (phew!) in a great neighborhood near Google’s HQ, so the entire city has free Wi-Fi. How cool is that?! And I’ll only be 10 minutes from Pinkberry!

I want to thank the staff, and the Game Informer community, for making these past three years so memorable. I really can’t say enough positive things about GI. I’ve been a fan of the magazine for over a decade and I’ll still look forward to receiving my issue every month on the west coast.

See you on the internet!


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