Longtime Game Informer reader and GI.com community member Patrick Morgan (a.k.a. @ElGuardDuck on Twitter) sent us a package today. It contained an extremely rare and valuable present. We're awestruck.

As you can see, this gift – a priceless artifact of cinematic genius – is a signed production still of Nic Cage, the man universally acclaimed as the greatest actor of his (or any other) generation. Many of you know of our love for the man's work. This still is from his film Season of the Witch, which won the 2011 Oscar for Best Picture and earned Cage himself his second Oscar for Best Actor.

Now, I know what you're thinking: How do we know this is real? Well, we do because of the Letter of Authenticity which Patrick included with the present.

We're currently looking for a place of honor to hang these pieces in the Game Informer offices.

Thanks Patrick and Merry Christmas.