As they say: one step up, two steps back. I didn't do an update last week, but I did continue my program. And, as with the last update, my results were mixed.

One good decision I made was to upgrade to the paid version of the push-up app I was using. The paid version is called Just Six Weeks, and it's only $1.99. It just nice to have automatic stat tracking and a built-in timer between rounds. The paid version adds four more exercises to the push-ups (pull-ups, sit-ups, dips, and squats). Overall, it's nice and the pull-ups program seems to be structured a bit different than the printed out PDF program I had been using.

The pull-ups are going pretty well. I can now do a total of 5 (spread over five sets of one pull-up with about 90 seconds rest in between). I'm stuck on my current day of training (the app lets you hit a "repeat" button at the end of a workout if you don't pass. So, not too bad, but I won't be able to pass this day's workout requirements unless I can do two pull-ups in a row (keep in mind this comes AFTER doing four individually in four sets).

I had passed week three of my push-up training, so I had to take another exhaustion test on Sunday night (basically how many can you do at one time before you completely exhaust your arms). I did 19. That's better than the 13 that I did when I initially began the program, but I needed to clear 21 to continue to week four. So, this week, it looks like I'll be repeating week 3.

All in all, it's going slower than I had hoped, but I am sticking with it. I figure if you keep doing push-ups and pull-ups eventually you have to get better, right?

(Oh, I forgot to add that for other exercise I'm also riding my bike to work on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That's around 30 miles total a week)