Wanted to give an update on my attempt to train to do 20 pull-ups and 100 push-ups. First off, although I'm not sure how interesting this is to anyone, I'm glad I did that original blog because I definitely trained a few days when I didn't feel like it on account of a sense of obligation to do this blog.

As far as the training, it's been a mixed bag. It's actually been the opposite of what I imagined – pull-ups are going better than expected and push-ups are going worse. My pull-up training on the app (linked in my Week 1 post), seems to have a very nice difficultly curve. I was actually to do three pull-ups during one set, better than the one which had been my previous best.

The push-ups aren't going as well. As I wrote about in Week 1, I failed my first day of training, which prompted the app to tell me to repeat that day of training on the next scheduled workout day. Which I did...except I ended up doing worse than I did the first time. So, I repeated it again, and failed again. Basically, I felt that failing the same day over and over while doing worse and worse wasn't going to work. So, I've now restarted at a lower tier of the training program to see if this is something I can handle. Thus far, it seems better. I did all the of the scheduled push-ups and even a couple of more on the final set.

We'll have to see how this goes, check back next week for another update.