Longtime Game Informer readers will no doubt remember former editor Justin Leeper. Justin worked here for four years before he left for the greener pastures of Los Angeles.

Justin is one of those people that always seems to find himself in some interesting situations. Before we worked for Game Informer, he actually worked for the notorious shock-metal troupe GWAR as a member of their "slave pit." While at Game Informer, he was involved in the local independent wrestling scene, performing in matches as Justin "Violent" Lee and the faux-German bad boy Helmut Von Strauss. We used to go watch Justin wrestle at various venues around town, and it was always a good time. Since Game Informer, he's worked in game development on THQ's WWE games and trained to be a stuntman. More recently, Justin sent me a clip of a new venture he's involved in -- Foam Weapon League -- seems to split the difference between pro wrestling and GWAR. (Watch a Foam Weapon League trailer here). Also, based on reports from some of my colleagues from last E3, he's now become a master of Beastie Boys karaoke.

Justin's latest venture is his first novel, Still Man Fights. It's the first in a series set in NewHome, a science fiction universe he created. It's a dark, violent take on the genre, tracing the twin sagas of Idle, a grizzled survivor on the barren planet of NewHome who discovers an orphaned baby possessed of immeasurable power and Julio Muerta, the pampered son of the planet's most powerful crime boss. If you like your sci-fi with plenty of action -- and I'd imagine most gamers do -- this could be right up your alley.

In any case, Justin was fun to work with and I've kept in touch with him over the years. I figured some readers might be curious as to what he's doing now.

Still Man Fights is available for Kindle, various Kindle apps, and home computers. It's also available on Smashwords. Nearly every ebook format is supported. It's a steal at only $2.99.