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Send Us Your Amazing Video Game Art And We Will Post It

Some of my favorite stories to post online are ones highlighting the work of talented artists who are inspired by video games.

I'd like to post more stories highlighting the work of talented folks, and in the interest of hopefully publishing new art every weekend, I encourage you to send your work to me. Whether you are the artist yourself, or just happen to stumble upon some amazing art that you think others should see – send it my way.

E-mail me at with the subject "Game Informer art submission" or you can just click here to submit.

There are no particular qualifications for what dictates amazing video game art, so send me anything. Feel free to send me image files, but I would much prefer a link to a blog or a deviantArt account (where much of this interesting art originates) so that the creators can be appropriately sourced.

For some examples of the kind of work we like to post, you can check out the art below, which links to the original story postings.

I look forward to seeing what everyone sends, and keep an eye out for postings!

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