I finally finished Bioshock Infinite last night, and can happily return to Internet message boards and walk around the Game Informer offices without my fingers in my ears. I, along with many others, walked away with questions. I dove into assorted summaries of the story and ending, watched our Spoiled video segment on the game, and can happily report that I think I mostly have a decent grasp on what happened. I have still have questions though.

Look out for spoilers below!

Throughout my Internet searches, I haven't seen much discussion about the guy pictured above. If I understand correctly (and please correct me if I don't), these tears that Elizabeth can access are gateways to other dimensions from which she can pull all manner of helpful things. Usually it means there is a box of health packs or salts, or an automated turret hanging around in an alternate dimension, and it makes sense for Elizabeth to pull in these inanimate objects for combat purposes.

For the Booker decoy however, he is not an inanimate or immobile object. He is a person. Does the presence of this decoy mean that there is a Booker hanging out in another dimension who just stands there? And why is it that when he gets pulled into my dimension, does he continue to just stand there? The turrets acknowledge what is going on when they are pulled in and shoot at enemies, but not the decoy Booker. I even did some scientific experimentation that involved shooting him. He bleeds when you shoot him, and it counts as a kill when you shoot him enough. During the experiment above, decoy Booker's death/disappearance registered as a kill on my achievement tally with that particular weapon.

Who is this mysterious stalwart Booker that just stands there waiting to be pulled into another dimension only to be shot and killed with zero reaction? It is Bioshock Infinite's ultimate mystery.