In the layout of desks here at Game Informer, I am about one underhand softball toss by a small child's distance from Adam's desk. He likes to shout when he plays games much to my entertainment, and today he is reviewing VVVVVV for the Nintendo 3DS. If you're unfamiliar with VVVVVV (which I believe is pronounced VVVVVV), it is a brutal gravity flipping platformer. Adam has been vocal about just how brutal the game is, and I have been keeping track. Here's the round-up after about 45 minutes of VVVVVV by Adam Biessener.

19 counts of "F***!"
1 count of "a** mobile!"
3 counts of "sh**!"
1 count of an angry "Ahhh!"
4 counts of "Jesus Christ!"
4 counts of "God d***it!"
1 count of a very perturbed "what?!"
3 counts of an incredibly annoyed "come on!"
1 count of "oh god!"
1 echoing "Nooooo!"
2 counts of exasperated "hmmmm"

Adam has taken a break from VVVVVV, but I will be sure to update the stats once he returns to the game.