My family came to visit the new baby (and my wife and I) during the Thanksgiving holiday, but only under the condition that I show them where I work. So, late Friday night, while everyone was else was enjoying time off from the office, I snuck my whole family in to take a look. My brother, freelance photographer extraordinaire, takes pictures of everything everywhere he goes, and the Game Informer offices were no exception.

Up above you can see where we record the Game Informer Show podcast, Replays, and Super Replays. That's where it all happens. Below you can see that we have a spiral staircase. This is what it looks like from up top.

This is what it looks like from below.

Matt Miller's desk below is probably second only to Dan Ryckert's as far as amount of stuff goes.

This is the vault where we keep all of the video games from all of history.