The best experiences of my life have come from traveling to Japan. I feel extremely grateful whenever I get to visit; seeing the passion for gaming on display via figures and tons of other collectibles is an amazing sight to see. The past few years when Tokyo Game Show has come around, Game Informer has provided me the amazing opportunity to cover the show and embrace the scene by visiting cool places like the Dragon Quest restaurant and the electric city of Akihabara. As most of you know, I have a special place in my heart for Japanese games, as I grew up playing every JRPG I could get my hands on. When I visited Japan this year for TGS, I'll admit I might have gone a little overboard in the figure department, but I got some great deals and these aren't exactly collectibles I can find in the states. I figured I'd share my haul with you.

This Ace Attorney figure was one of my first finds! Nick is giving the objection pose so perfectly. 

Persona 3 remains my favorite Persona game, so finding this sweet statue of Shinjiro Aragaki and the aborable Koromaru made my day!

This Lucina (Fire Emblem) figure was hard to find; it was almost one of my most expensive figures. Totally worth it, though! Look how badass Lucina looks!

Kyoko Kirigiri is my favorite Danganronpa character, so I didn't even second-guess this purchase.

This is classic Persona. Jack Frost, FTW!

Cheria from Tales of Graces f holds a special place in my heart; she's a sick character who still manages to be a badass. 

The Atelier girls (Totori, Rorona, and Meruru) were too cute to pass up! These games are such a guilty pleasure of mine.

Sakura remains one of the more memorable characters from Danganronpa for her heart of gold. This figure captures her determination perfectly.

Last but not least, this Elizabeth figure only cost 16 bucks, so I was happy to give her a good home.