I’m traveling a lot in the next two months, so I’ve decided to start an RPG to kill the time during my journey. More specifically, I have the urge to replay a Final Fantasy title. I thought this would cool to share with readers. So I’m letting you pick which Final Fantasy I’m going to replay. As a bonus, I’ll try to blog my reactions to some of the most memorable moments and reflect on playing the game years later.  Perhaps my reactions will change or I'll notice something my younger self never did.

Here’s the stipulations on what you can pick:

It has to be a game that’s available on PSN, either as a PSP remake or a PSone classic. I plan on downloading it and putting it on my Vita for some big screen goodness.

So please share in the comments below which Final Fantasy you’d like to see me replay and blog about. I’ll tally the votes and decide the winner on 8/12. I’m excited to reminisce with all of you!