Real-life football games take upwards of three hours or more from start to finish. Games of Madden – especially since it's added more between-play cutscenes to improve its presentation – can also take a while to finish when compared to other sports video games. Playing on five-minute quarters, it can take me half-an-hour or more to play one game. That's not a lot of time, but I often find myself wishing that Madden offered the ability for me to save my game while I'm playing.

This isn't a new feature for the franchise. It's been in before and it got taken out a couple of years ago for some reason. I called Madden developer EA Tiburon about mid-game saves, but all they'd tell me is that they are considering the feature for the future. What I want to know is why was it taken out in the first place? Was it taken out because somehow it was technically interfering with the game?

I find Madden's lack of a mid-game save interesting not only for my own personal desire to have it included, but from the standpoint of where video games are in general. Being able to save at any time is a commonplace these days in all kinds of games over all kinds of genres, and EA itself has said that it wants more and more people of all skill levels to enjoy Madden. The publisher has put things in the game to achieve this, and I think that having a mid-game save option would be the kind of accessibility feature that everyone would appreciate.