Update: With the release of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, another high-profile title has attempted to implement a lockpicking minigame to spice up its action. As a result, it's time for me to update this list, taking Naughty Dog's new adventure into consideration, along with other triple-A titles from the last couple years. See the new, complete list below!

Original Story (published 4/29/2015): You want to open that chest? You want to get through that door? Not so fast; it's locked! Don't worry – you'll get through it eventually, but you're going to have to play a minigame first. Maybe you have to rotate the analogue sticks a bit. Maybe you need to tap some pins in the tumbler. Maybe you need to "hack" through somehow. This mechanic is common in several top-tier series – from Elder Scrolls to Thief to Mass Effect – but how many are actually fun? 

Without further ado, here is my complete list of lock picking minigames that are genuinely good. You know, the enjoyable ones that add to the overall experience...not the ones that are barely tolerable time-wasting obstacles.

#0. None

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