I want to clarify this right away: I’m not an achievement or trophy junkie. I don’t care how many I have, and I don’t get an adrenaline rush from the distinctive sounds the play when they unlock. Given those facts, it may seem strange that I sometimes go to absurd lengths to hit 100 percent in certain games by unlocking every trophy or achievement. Here’s the reason I do it: I’m always looking for fresh goals and objectives that will give me an excuse to spend more time with games I love. Getting a platinum trophy or racking up 1000 achievement points is mainly of symbolic importance; it means I’ve seen the parts of the experience that the developer thought were important. I don’t do this with every game I play (that would be a chore), so the members of my 100% Club are the standouts that inspired such obsessive loyalty from me that I was compelled to explore their every nook and cranny. This list runs down all the games I’ve gotten 100 percent in (according to trophies and achievements), with updates when a new title is added to the club.

God of War (Update 4/19/18)
This trophy is a first for me in a few ways. It’s the first platinum I’ve gotten in the God of War series, for one thing. For another, it’s the first platinum I’ve gotten before the game has even officially released. The thing is, I love this God of War. Even after I finished the story, I just didn’t want to stop playing…so during the course of my review, I decided to go for all of the trophies as I checked out the post-game content. The thing I appreciate most about this God of War is how it plays the long game; instead of expecting you play through the whole experience again (either on a higher difficulty or on new game+), this entry encourages you to continue with your game already in progress. I know that may be disappointing for players who love an incentive to tackle harder modes, but I prefer the new approach. God of War’s post-game gives you fresh and interesting challenges – like extra bosses and new zones – rather than repeating familiar scenarios but making them more difficult. The trophies are tailored for this direction, too; they all revolve around a single thorough playthrough, with tasks like finding collectibles, upgrading gear, and so forth. Of course, even with the platinum trophy already acquired, I think there’s probably a hard-mode playthrough in my future.

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster (Update 2/9/18)
When it first released on PS2, I was obsessed with Final Fantasy X. In the years since, I would look back on it fondly, assuming my love for the game was clouded by a bit of nostalgia. But when I recently started playing the remaster (switching between PS4 and Vita thanks to cross-save), I was surprised by how well the experience holds up. The story and world are among the best in the series, and the combat system (which revolves around an action queue) is a great twist on traditional turn-based mechanics. Anyway, I got hooked all over again, especially since this version has several post-game bosses that I never got to fight in the original release. Those fights aren't necessarily hard with the right stats, weapons, and armor (I was expecting Penance to be a more brutal and less repetitive encounter), but getting those stats, weapons, and armor is a long and grindy process. Factor in the trophies for finishing the entire sphere grid with every character – including filling empty nodes with new stat spheres – and this is definitely one of my most time-intensive 100-percent accomplishments. I could have done without the chocobo racing and lightning dodging, but even so, Final Fantasy X remains one of my favorite games of all time.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Update 1/4/18)
I loved the original Life is Strange, and I was more than happy to revisit that universe with this prequel. However, like The Sexy Brutale, this was a platinum trophy that just kind of happened without any planning or intent. After finishing the main story, I saw that I was missing some graffiti locations, so I went to grab them while another game was installing on my PS4. Then – surprise! – I got the platinum trophy. Completing the game and getting all of the graffiti are the only requirements to hit 100 percent on this one; that’s not much work, but I’ll take the reward.

The Sexy Brutale (Update 6/5/17)
Well, I did not see this one coming. The Sexy Brutale is an interesting little game (read our review), and though I had a good time, it did not inspire the sort of passion that usually drives me to reach for the platinum trophy. I just played normally, and then at the end, I saw that you can unlock additional character information and an alternate ending by grabbing certain collectibles. I kind of wanted to try out some late-game powers (like one that lets you walk into mirrors), so I just pulled up a guide online and did a sweep of the mansion to pick up stuff I missed. Near the end of that process, I accidentally got the platinum trophy. The Sexy Brutale may not be one of my favorite games of all time (many other titles in my 100% Club are), but I got the platinum, so it gets added to the list.  

Persona 5 (Update 4/14/17)
Sometimes trophies are good for prompting players to dig deeper into games that don’t otherwise demand much investment. Persona 5 is not one of those games; after spending 100 hours playing the game for review, I still couldn’t get enough of this fantastic RPG, and decided to prolong my time with it by shooting for the platinum. Instead of a bunch of busywork trophies, most of the harder tasks in Persona 5 are things I really wanted to do. Max out all confidants? Beat the secret superboss (which I did with help from this persona)? Finish every Mementos quest? I was excited to tackle all of those challenges. The only one that made me a bit anxious was “Passionate Listener,” which involves hearing 250 lines of navigation dialogue. A similar trophy in Persona 4 Golden sounded like an absolute nightmare and scared me off of the platinum in that game, but it’s not so bad here (I got it near the end of the sixth palace). Other than that, delving into new game+ for a handful of leftover trophies was a great excuse to spend a little more time in this stylish, captivating world.

Mass Effect: Andromeda (Update 4/4/17)
If you look through my whole 100 Percent Club, you’ll see that completing Mass Effect games is a bit of a tradition (obsession?) for me. Though I fully acknowledge its problems, I think Andromeda is a fun game, and I enjoyed the extended time I spent with it. This time around, I was surprised to find that getting the trophy for the Insanity playthrough wasn’t the hardest part; thanks to new game+ and better encounter design, the extra layer of difficulty only presented problems for me during the final fight. The bigger hassles are the trophies that steer you toward specific techniques in combat, like killing enemies while hovering, or having your constructs defeat a certain number of foes. I understand the desire to drive players toward powers and methods that they might not otherwise use, but the number of kills required for these trophies is a bit high, and completing them felt less like experimenting and more like being forced into gameplay styles I wasn’t interested in. After finishing one, I would always just switch back to the Adept profile I know and love. The trophy requiring the completion of three different romances was also a bit weird for me, but that’s mainly because I didn’t find one of the romances compelling, much less three of them. However, I enjoyed striving for full viability on all of the planets, completing companion missions, and racking up kills with biotic combos – and even with the platinum trophy, I still think I have plenty of Mass Effect multiplayer in my future.