I walked into the conference room this afternoon to an alarming sight: Nick swaying and gyrating like an idiot as he played Tony Hawk: Ride. Not only did he look stupid, his frustration and anger were causing him to swear up a storm. Before he noticed I was there, I grabbed my notebook and started jotting down his incredulous and fury-laden curses. These 10 are honestly the result of me standing there for only three minutes, but they seem pretty representative of the experience as a whole.

  1. "Wait, that's not... d*** it. Seriously? I didn't even do that trick!"
  2. "Oh god! A bunch of people just died! Whooo, SKATEBOARDING!"
  3. "Ugh. This board is just horsecrap. (sigh) Horsecrap."
  4. "Wait, what? Was that a joke? lol skateboarding, I guess."
  5. "What is taking so long? How long does it take to load a bad game?"
  6. "I go Super Saiyan. My hair turns blonde, but my beard doesn't"
  7. "I don't know how they expect people to do this s***."
  8. "Last time I did that exact same motion, I did, like, a quadruple kickflip."
  9. "You will have no idea what you are doing. I promise."
  10. "And...I landed in the dumpster. That's, uh, that's called the triple-kickflip-dumpster."