Okay, so I have a co-worker. Her name is Meagan. She's very nice. You’ve probably seen her around this site. I learned something new about Meagan today: She is terrible at pranks. Like, really, really terrible.

1. She walks into the bullpen carrying her artsy choco-mog thing, all aflutter because she's going to use it to prank Reiner (who has gone on record saying that he hates the thing). By "prank," of course, I mean "pose innocuously near his office/desk." The idea sounds like a trainwreck. I must document it.

Meagan marching toward failure

2. Here's the first hurdle: Meagan is having trouble operating her fancy-pants camera. Turns out that it's out of batteries. She abandons it on her chair.


3. Armed with a smaller and more usable photo device, she goes back to Reiner's office. At this point, her choco-mog has already been set outside of his office door.

Onward to hijinks (?)

4. Normally, Meagan loves people taking pictures of her (see also: cosplay), but she doesn't seem to think that my chronicle of her prank attempt is funny. She shows me a token of her esteem.


5. Here's the second hurdle: even though this camera has batteries, it proves difficult to turn on. Meagan shouts for Tim to come help her, to no avail. As we'll learn later, he is wearing a rockin' pair of headphones that block all sound from the material plane.

Technology: Hard

6. After several minutes (okay, seconds), Meagan turns on the camera and snaps a few shots of the lurking choco-mog. She is taking my harassment in stride. Meagan is notoriously difficult to rile up. She is, however, worried that her pants will fall down (she didn't wear a belt today, apparently).

Pants are still there! It's the little victories that count.

7. Satisfied with what she can get from this angle, she steps into the abyss...

Like a haunted house, but with more Star Wars toys

8. Meagan sits in the master's chair...

"Sorry, Choco-mog. No raise for you this year!"

9. Uh-oh. It's Ben, stumbling artlessly onto the scene.

Ben's actual quote when he saw this picture: "Ugh. That's bad from a distance, and even worse up close."

10. Now Choco-whatever gets to be the Executive Editor!

"I'm appalled at our lack of Final Fantasy coverage! I'll have to fire Joe..."

11. Still around, Ben is afraid of being implicated in such a lame prank. He looks at the wall to avoid my camera. Good idea, champ. If you can't see me, I probably can't see you!

Where's Ben? Where's Ben? There he is!

12. Meagan did not think this through. Having posed the birdthing near Reiner's door and on both of his chairs, she's totally out of ideas. She looks around frantically trying to find something to do. Then Dan showed up or something?

Dan the Dual-Wielding Wiimoter

13. Um...maybe it should drink some energy drink?

Random stuff lying around is pure comedy gold

14. Here's another well-planned tableau sure to boil Reiner's blood! I can see Reiner now: "My Bowser! It's riding a Chocosomething. Nooooo!"


15. So, after getting a shot of Bowser riding the Eggmog, Meagan basically gives up. She heads to the back room to return the camera to Oh, Well...Tim Turi (now you see why he couldn't hear her cries for help before). She posts her pictures on her blog, then starts gathering up her things.

Meagan actually manages to flick me off with her face this time.

16. Having just completed a "prank," which was overseen by an overt antagonist (me), Meagan makes a critical error: She goes home. Without her beloved Choco-frog. Once Meagan is gone and safely on her way home, the Choco-mog still has a whole night full of adventure in front of it! Unfortunately, the photo journal must stop here due to the disturbing nature of the content that followed. Not even the Internet could bear it.

The End