Today we implemented some new behind-the-scenes features to Game Informer, which will hopefully prevent the spam attacks that have been plaguing the site recently.

Two weeks ago we told you about a new button we added to the site to help our mods delete and ban spammers more effectively. While this tool helped cut down on the amount of spam readers came across, it wasn't stopping the spam from happening. Today's update will help us prevent the spam from being posted in the first place, and give our admins more tools to permanently remove offending posters.

The biggest change that users will notice is that there is now a recaptcha field to fill out when creating a blog post on the site. While filling out one of these fields is always annoying, I think we can all agree it's worth it if it means not having to scroll through a dozen "Stream your favorite [insert random sporting event] here!" when visiting the community blog section.

We will of course continue monitoring for spam on the site and make any needed adjustments in the future. In the meantime, we'd like to thank all of our dedicated mods for the extra effort they've put in policing the site, and all of our community bloggers, who have continued posting great content to the site despite it sometimes getting lost in the flood of unwanted ads. Keep up the good work!