The world is your shooting gallery when your on the back of a Warthog.

Tip #4: Be the Gunner
Another easy way to rack up kills is on the back of a Warthog – there’s nothing like an unlimited supply of bullets to compensate for bad aim. Make up an excuse why you should be the gunner, or if all else fails, jump onto the back and pretend that you can’t figure out how to dismount (“…The “B” button? Huh, it doesn’t seem to be working…”) until your partner gives up and hops in the driver seat. Then shoot away until your teammate loses interest and leaves you stranded – that’s what you get for being such a turret hog. Speaking of…

Tip #5: Don’t Break the Turret
Most levels will have at least one stationary turret overlooking the battlefield. Like Halo 3, they can be snapped off and carried away, eliminating the dangers of being a sitting duck. But don’t be in a rush; if you break the turret off of its stand, it will no longer have infinite ammo. I’ve witnessed countless players hopping onto a turret before the first wave of enemies, only to break the gun off and run once the drop ship starts shooting at them. Doing so can cripple your team in later rounds. Instead jump off the gun when taking fire, and return when things are safer.

That’s not to say turrets can never be detached though. Like other ammo, turrets will respawn after sets, so if things are looking bleak and that mounted gun is in an otherwise indefensible position, feel free to take it with you.

Tip #6: Get To Da Chopper!
The only thing better than a Warthog in Firefight mode is the Chopper, which lets one player drive and shoot at the same time. When enemies start rolling in on these bad boys, resist the urge to rocket them – instead try to headshot them out of the driver’s seat and steal it. It’s well worth the extra bother – just don’t run over your friends!

Is there anything more pathetic than a Grunt armed with a Needler?

Tip #7: Know Your Combos
A headshot will get you more points than a normal kill. So will killing several enemies in a row. So will sticking a plasma grenade to the back of an enemy, or meleeing an enemy from behind. There are a lot of ways to score extra points in Firefight; knowing how to get bonuses – and when to go with a safe kill instead – is essential to getting a high score.

Tip #8: Live to Fight Another Day
Not dying seems too stupid to be a tip, but it’s the best advice I’ve got; the longer you stay alive, the more points you’ll get for kills. When playing with skilled players, you’ll probably want to run into a pack of enemies like Rambo to prove your bravado. Fight that urge. A more conservative approach that keeps you alive will net you greater points in the long run. Also, you don’t want to be that guy who died twice as many times in a match as everyone else. Is getting 100,000 points and dying 10 times really better than getting 20,000 and only dying once? Since each death detracts from the life pool shared by you and all your friends, the answer is probably no.

These are just a few ways in which you can get more points – and less dying – out of your Firefight matches. Got another tip? Help your fellow Shock Troopers out by adding it in the comment section below!