Being a graphic designer, you can't help but pay extra special attention to the visual splendor (or lack thereof) of any particular medium. It's our job to A) communicate a particular message and B) do it in the most smart/clever and aesthetically appealing manner possible. Whether or not one achieves those goals is a matter of opinion. What seemed like a good idea at the time can come back to haunt you for the rest of your waking days. Don't believe me? Then take a gander at the following ten video game covers I've assembled for your viewing pleasure. And yes, Halloween is unfortunately over...

So mind you, I've never actually played any of these games so I can't vouch for their quality when it comes to their fun factor. But that doesn't change the visual atrocities that greet any and all that turn their gaze to these "works of art". Take, for instance, Street Sports Baseball. The title implies rough and tumble baseball played out on the mean streets of Anytown, USA. Instead, what we have here is a guy trying to rid himself of a bothersome fly or, and this is a big leap, he just smelled a fart. It's tough out there on the street.


There's a few things to note about the cover for Killer Kong. First, the blatant lie that this gorilla is, in any way, a killer. To me he looks like he's about to give you a hug or something even worse. What is up with that smirk? Secondly, when did this Kong (is he related to King Kong or Donkey Kong?) develop man boobs? And how does that help him further justify the moniker of being a killer? Perhaps he's spending too much time perfecting his Eddie Munster hairdo rather than hitting the treadmill. And the raging magenta background does nothing to help solidify the fact that this creature will kill anything other than your retina. I love it!


Drop kick a knife-wielding fool while flexing your chiseled muscles. I have officially failed in the manliness department.


Creepy Grandma. Pretty cool glasses. And I love how the title has a fabric texture to it. Perhaps this bionic grandma does some sewing in her spare time when she's not terrifying the bejesus out of her grandchildren. Good times.


Perhaps this guy will take his winnings and buy a new shirt. Perhaps the mystery box is a box full of shirts. At least he stands out in the sea of red surrounding him. It's a good thing too, it takes my attention away from that shirt. Good call.




First off, you had to love how Sega used graph paper for all of their covers during the Master System era. It helps you draw straight lines. But what is going on here? Did this guy rip off his own head? Or is it merely the fabled Headless Hank performing his patented death headlock on Bodiless Ben the Crusher? And they say wrestling is fake.


I don't know what's scarier – playing a "scooter simulator" or seeing this guy roll up on your ass. At least he's got the sense to wear some Timberlands as he rains death down on his opponents.


Get it? Karnaaj? How clever. Almost as clever as the eye shadow-wearing, blue hairstyle (and eyebrows!) styling, flesh-colored shirt sporting fool that's about to get run over by that pink death machine on wheels. And the blue capital "R"? Is that supposed to signify "rally"? Or is it the noise that poor guy is making as he's running for his life? "Aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!"


Am I the only one who'd love to punch this guy square in the head? This was the best they could come up with? It's Punky Brewster meets drunk Uncle Bill and they have a grand old time cruising around on their gnarly skateboard. Good thing he's got all of his safety equipment on. I'm not sure how much abuse that blue spandex body suit can take. Are those Papa Smurf shoes he's wearing? He looks pretty sure of himself. Kill me now.