Season three is done! If you've been playing along at home, we're watching every episode of The Twilight Zone, and recording our post-viewing thoughts in a podcast. See what we thought of the last seven episodes, which include body-swapping, aliens, and ventriloquism.

We usually record these in five-episode blocks, but The Twilight Zone is a fickle beast. Season three had 37 episodes, so we decided to do an extended seven-episode recap with this episode of our podcast. You're welcome/sorry!

Be sure to tune in to our next episode, which will be our special season-capping awards, The Franklins. If you have any ideas for fun awards categories or other suggestions, leave them in the comments section! 

This podcast covers the following episodes:

The Trade-Ins

The Gift

The Dummy

Young Man's Fancy

I Sing the Body Electric

Cavendar is Coming

The Changing of the Guard