Two Worlds II is an open-world RPG designed for people who like to have fun. Here are three reasons why I'm having an absolute blast with it.

1. Ostriches
One of the first places you explore is a savanna, populated with rhinos, baboons, and warthogs. Also, there are ostriches. I can't think of many games that let you fight ostriches. If you headshot one with an arrow, sometimes the physics models act a bit goofy and the dead birds will shoot into the air. I'm not complaining about that.

2. Umbrellas
In the last quest I finished, I had to fight a bunch of demon-possessed umbrellas. They put up a pretty good fight, considering they were umbrellas.

3. Magic
I've read a few reviews of the game that say mages are underpowered. The people who say that obviously didn't stick around with the class, and I understand why. When you first start out, mages are underpowered. The thing is, when you level up your skills, you actually become better at being a mage. Pretty crazy, no? I wrote down what my mage typically does in battle, and it sounded like the insane rantings of a hyperventilating child.

That said, here's what my mage typically does in battle: He summons three death knights, and before they rush in to attack the bad guys he casts Eye for an Eye on them, which returns 380 percent of damage dealt to each death knight back to the bad guy. Then he runs around and backstabs enemies while they freak out and try to determine which death knight they should attack first. It is hilarious and satisfying.

Is Two Worlds II a perfect game? AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no. Is it fun and rewarding for people who take the time to settle in with it and learn how to play? Heck yeah.