If there is one thing I like to see, it's videos and blog posts about opening things that come in boxes. Those are actually two things. Great. I barely started this post and it's already ruined. Anyway, here's Lego Rock Band. Let's see what's in this case, OK? OK!

All right. I'm going to start by taking off the cellophane wrapper. What's cellophane, you ask? "Cellophane is a thin, transparent sheet made of regenerated cellulose. Its low permeability to air, oils, greases, and bacteria makes it useful for food packaging. Cellophane is in many countries a registered trade mark of Innovia Films Ltd, Cumbria, UK." Why are your hands so gross, you ask? I'm afraid I don't have a decent explanation for that.

This stuff is shiny. If you went back in time with some of this stuff, people might think you were a wizard.

Here's the game without its sheer plastic skin. It looks a lot different than it did before.

Now it's time to take off this sticker thing. Some boxes have two of these guys. Lego Rock Band only had one. I don't know why that is.

I don't know why my wife doesn't swat my hands away in disgust when I come at her with these things. As far as hands go, these are simply terrible. I am going to prove their use by prying open this case.

What's in here...?

BOOM! I HAVE HIT THE MOTHER LODE! There's the game, there's the game manual, there's some other crap that I will look at later while I'm driving home. This new game case thing is annoying. Publishers probably think it will earn them gold stars by being Earth-friendly. Nope.