Nobody likes to be on camera. Well, very few people in the Game Informer office actually enjoy being on camera. But I'm consistently blown away by how funny my co-workers can be, even when cameras are rolling. Below is a small collection of snippets from videos throughout the past year that were unusable, mostly because the editors didn't know the cameras were rolling. I should point out that I asked for their permission to post these and that I only started collecting these snippets in the last month or two.

Short but sweet.


You'll notice that a lot of these clips involve Tim Turi, this is because he is funny and is kind enough to be in a lot of our videos.


I have no context for this. As you can hear, this is all triggered by me yelling "Hey, you two!"


The ongoing feud between Dan and Joe is occasionally put on hold for some odd bonding.


This is just stupid.


"What's that?"


Alright, that's it. I hope you enjoyed the collection and that you have not lost respect for Tim Turi. He is a good, odd duck.