One of the most common phrases in video production is “Let’s do that one thing...”  Whether it's the Cribs-style tour, the NOOO!!! pullback shot, or the cheesy 1950's PSA parody, there are always comfy cliches to fall back on. I don’t plan on using that phrase here at Game Informer, my prime directive is to create unique video content for the site.

Over a year ago I heard Andy McNamara on a podcast talking about his plans for the future of Game Informer.  He mentioned that he was looking to expand the site’s use of video.  Being a video producer in the Twin Cities (especially the kind that listens to gaming podcasts) my ears immediately perked up.  I salivated over the idea of producing videos for Game Informer, but I just kept my nose to the grindstone and kept slowly plugging away at my career.  A simple retweet from Phil Kollar let me know that Game Informer was officially looking to hire a full-time video producer, I dropped everything and leaped on board.

Well, I now find myself with a camera in hand and a world full of opportunity in front of me.  There are big things in the works for Game Informer’s video front, but I won’t let any of the classics slip away.  I will still be putting together the episodes of Replay, “Reiner and Phil”, Quick 15, and all the rest.  Some of these shows will get a face-lift very soon, and we are going to be rolling in several new series alongside them.  GI Grudgematch and the freshly-named Peripheral Vision are the latest to be incorporated into the “Game Informer Network”, but I hope to start up others as well as to create stand-alone video features.

This is where you all come in.  Reading the positive response to my first video for Game Informer was the most satisfying experience of my career, I cannot thank the community enough for the kind words.  I want to involve the fanbase as much as possible, I’m on the hunt for feedback.  What kind of video content you would like to see from Game Informer in the future.  More shows?  Video features?  By the way, we’ve heard your complaints and I promise that a faster and vastly-improved video player will be implemented very soon.  Please let me know any ideas for video content that you may have, feel free to send me an e-mail at or contact me via Twitter (@yozetty).  I’m just a Game Informer fan that happens to be on the payroll, so let me know if you want to talk videos, games, or video game videos.  Thanks!


I mentioned in my bio that I made a lot of idiotic game-related videos in the past, so I put together a quick montage of some of these old (and painfully bad) videos.  Each clip uses a different song from a video game.  If you can name each game that the songs come from I will send you a game of your choice.