Update 3/25/17:

The event was great, it's always awesome to attend a smaller show after so many huge ones like PAX where you barely have time to wave at people - it's a way more intimate experience where you really get a chance to meet people! BioGamerGirl raised some cash for an awesome cause, the National Stroke Association, and I got to meet a ton of Game Informer readers, viewers, and podcast listeners!

Special thanks to Ted Seiler Photography, JNJ Cosplay, and Shattered Stitch Cosplay!

Original post:

Whoa, it's been a while since i posted to the blog thing here at Game Informer. I'm planning to use it more to highlight cool trips and world travels that aren't really suited for the home page.

That said, this post is to highlight the fact that I'll be heading to Huntsville, Alabama this weekend to participate in the Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo!

You can catch me at the show on both March 18 and 19th!

I visited this magical guitar last time I was down south

I'll be at the BioGamerGirl booth, and I'll have some signed issues and other goodies to hand out, so if you ever wanted to hang out with the Tackster and you find yourself living down near where we don't often have an opportunity to travel for work (It's not where E3 or PAX happens, for example), this is the perfect time to come say hi and hang out! We can totally argue which is the best Star Wars or about Dark Souls or whatever, really.

Amanda Dyar AKA BioGamerGirl

You can tell me what your favorite color is for all I care, and I'll probably be pretty excited about it. Plus, I think they are actually setting up a selfie station or something at the booth so that is going to be super cool. Who doesn't like selfies?!

There are a bunch of other special guests at the show to come see, such as Joey Fatone, David Yost, Chris Claremont, Mike Grell, and many, many more (You can check out a full list on the official site).