Today is my first day at Game Informer as PC Editor (that's me on the left). The journey to get here took many years, as I served in various editorial roles for, a smattering of assorted websites, and print publications outside of the gaming industry. Along the way, it’s been fascinating to view the industry through a variety of different lenses, approaching various aspects of gaming from consumer, business, and even investor perspectives.

I’m a serious PC gamer. I generally have one or two raid-capable characters in most MMORPGs. I’ve put thousands upon thousands of hours into the MOBA/ARTS genre (Dota 2 MMR is 3338, I think). I was there the day that the turn-hostile anywhere hack came out in Diablo II, and I’ve beaten Lord Dredmor on “hardcore” difficulty.

I've been involved with the PC platform since we were using DOS and passing shareware floppies back and forth. It’s been a wild ride, as the platform has gradually become a haven for digital game libraries, an incredible indie scene, new genres, and new monetization models.

I always knew that the PC platform was where I wanted to be. Great stuff is always happening on consoles, but PC continually provides the unprecedented multiplayer experiences that I'm looking for. From MMORPGs to custom-made maps that exploded into entire genres, the PC is often in the spotlight when it comes to online experiences.  

Things have rapidly shifted over the last few years with PCs playing host to some of the most competitive eSports and largest titles in the industry. Don’t take it the wrong way – I love consoles too – but moving forward I continually see many of the biggest changes and innovations taking place on PC first.

Social media has always been one of my most important tools for getting feedback on everything from lunch to a scathing review, and I’m always available on Twitter @dantack. You can also email me directly at, so you may want to reach out there if Twitter isn’t your cup of twee.

It’s great to be here!