Viewers of Replay are familiar with my abysmal eating habits. For 28 years, I've survived on a steady stream of McDonald's, soda, Totino's Party Pizza, candy, Taco Bell, Hot Pockets, and other awful foods (I say awful in terms of nutritional value, as all of those are delicious). On our recent and lengthy Stress Test of me fighting Mike Tyson, I was coming off a few days of being sick and ingesting almost nothing but Airheads and soda. Apparently, the folks at are Replay viewers and wanted to help me not die.

In the past, Replay fans have sent me bulk shipments of Starburst FaveReds and strawberry NesQuik after I spoke about my fondness for them. While those were delicious, they probably pushed my health needle closer to the "death" side. Thanks to Amanda and The Fruit Guys, I'll hopefully extend my lifespan by a bit by eating a ton of bananas and apples over the next few days.