Bashing a game in a review is never fun, but sometimes it's completely necessary. Whether it's the lowest score I've ever given, or a widely-liked game that I wasn't too hot on, no one here at Game Informer gets off on bashing a game just to bash it. This week, I posted a review for a very bad game. 007 Legends was riddled with bugs during my playthrough (on a final retail build, no less), but the comments on our recent Test Chamber episode demonstrated that some people didn't understand why it received the score it did. It seems that Reiner and Tim didn't run into many issues during their twenty minutes with the game, but I thought I'd make this blog to directly show what kinds of bugs I'm talking about.

I didn't have video capture equipment hooked up during my playthrough, and there's no audio on these cell phone videos because I was playing through headphones. Sorry for the quality.

I know henchmen are traditionally ineffective in Bond movies, but this is ridiculous.


Door handles drawn onto the texture like this was a Nintendo 64 game.


They couldn't even make the pause menu free of glitches.


Oh, so we're randomly going down to 10 frames per second? Cool.


"Hey, James! What's up?" Note that this man is supposed to be deceased.


Petting an invisible cat.



This guy is bad at being a guard.


Keep in mind that these are the occasions that I actually had my cell phone ready to capture. There were plenty of glitches and bugs that I didn't get photos or videos of. Hopefully these served to illustrate why 007 Legends received the low score that it did.